Capability Advancement

A Learning Hub that re-invents how to grow sustainable capability.

Capability Advancement

A learning hub that re-invents how to grow sustainable capability.

The Learning Hub helps our clients achieve these 4 key outcomes

For their people:

Accelerated learning and access to ‘practical tools and know how’. All in a safe environment.

For their teams:

Create a common language, better dialogue, interaction and teamwork. Increased agility.

For their projects/ programmes:

Increased efficiency, effectiveness and success rates.

For their organisation:

Increased internal capability, identify thematic issues and measure how well change is done.

Changing the rules’s leading columnist

“I’ve been waiting—and sporadically predicting that consultants would use technology to transform both the reach of scarce expertise and its cost to the client. The Proteus offering leads me to think this is about to change.”

Proteus Learning Hub Impact

The Learning Hub provides a suite of approaches that drives a change in capability and behaviours and reframes ‘process’.

Change challenges everyone in an organisation

From CEOs down. It’s not the what, but the how that makes a difference.

How do you steer your project most effectively? Your own need may be to understand what best practice is or to resolve a particular issue. You might need to advance capability within your senior leadership team when they don’t have any available time. Whatever the specifics - when results matter you need access to practical and proven resources to maximise the potential of your team.

Shares what works

Faster and Better

Shared Understanding

Increase Agility


Action oriented



Learning Hub value add is real and measurable

Grow your own.

Reduce the dependency on external help.

Measure improvements in capability.

Measure improvements in how you do change.

Identify ‘thematic’ issues.

Create a “Common Language of Change™”.

Be evidence based and not emotional based.

Have better, harder and less emotional dialogue.

Safe personal development.

Can be used by change and non-change practitioners.

Faster and better diagnostic of issues.

More time to fix vs. diagnose.

Common understanding of what good looks like.

Learn from others.

Feel supported.

Develop your own capability. There is no such thing as a one size fits all approach.

There is no such thing as a one size fits all approach. Based on feedback from our clients we’ve identified distinct packages that address different needs. These packages have different features and services. We’ll work with you to choose the package that’s best for you, that will build on what you already have in place.

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