Covid-19 Survey

Understand what others are doing

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Covid-19 Survey

Understand what others are doing

Take the survey

Covid-19 is having a major impact on organisations of all sizes

Ensuring financial and operational resilience
Preparing to accelerate out of the pandemic
Starting to reimagine the ’new world order'

In order to help others, we have created a simple survey that allows you to assess how your organisation is responding against common factors being considered, as well as seeing what others are doing.

All data is anonymised and not attributed to a person or organisations.

The following survey should take no more than 15 minutes but, it will provide the foundation information we need to build an immediate tailored response for you.

Take the survey

The next 6 months and beyond is going to be a journey which will continue to test organisations’ resilience. We want to support you on this journey.

One way in which we can do this is by providing regular updates on the changing response strategies of other organisations and by giving you the tools to assess how you compare.

Within the survey, you will have an opportunity to provide your email address should you wish to receive regular insights on other organisations and an opportunity to complete the survey again to track/compare your performance.

Top 10 change areas being focussed on



Portfolio prioritisation/optimisation and getting visibility of the true status/prognosis – particularly in light of cost constraints caused by Covid-19


Reimagine the new normal and what it would mean to deliver change e.g. executive interest in how to do change faster better cheaper


Corporate governance is fit for purpose


Strengthen internal assurance & risk regimes – both approach and capability need to be considered



Project delivery e.g. delivery management across portfolios in a virtual world, driving efficiency, providing emergency relief support if PM/team become unavailable


Reshape existing projects to maximise value/minimise cost/increase predictability


Prepare projects ready for quick mobilisation


Accelerate the delivery of mission critical projects

9. Project Assurance

Undertake assurance of key projects so there are no surprises and organisations are ready to accelerate when they can

10. Capability

Develop internal capabilities and reduce reliance on externals. Includes Individual sponsor coaching to create capacity, confidence and support

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