Benchmark Insights

Maximising investment through benchmark based insights.

Benchmark Insights

Maximising investment through benchmark based insights.

The pace and nature of change means that best practice standards are constantly being challenged.

This results in three key factors being brought into play
Benchmark Insights

Timely production and actioning of relevant benchmarked insights.

Good Enough

A recognition that not all organisations need to be ‘the best’. ‘Good enough’ may be the right answer right now.

Maximise Value

A need to maximise value from available investment.


Our benchmarks are founded on 4 key building blocks.

The four key building blocks provide a unique 360 degree perspective of the change landscape and allows us to provide action based insights to maximise available investment.

Benchmark insights: examples of impact and value

Insight Organisational change

Improvements in an organisation's change capability can be quantified. Unfortunately 75% of the required change KPIs are typically not measured. The value of addressing these is undoubted. One client alone recorded a £17m benefit as a result of improving the organisation's change capability.

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Insight Change Functions

When benchmarking a change function against both its peers and best practice, we found:


Confusion on what the right change function model should be and the services it should provide.


A significant gap in the investment and capability required to deliver the organisation’s change ambition.


Significant savings to be made that could be reinvested in the change function.

Insight Project Estimates

A benchmark across different project types showed that product launches in the Financial Services sector take longer than the usual three to six months seen in other markets. The regulatory demands of the industry mean a two-year timescale is common.

Insight Sponsor Effectiveness

Our benchmarking insights revealed a number of quick wins to help improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the Sponsor role. These include:

Sponsors' effectiveness

Aligning the Sponsor’s role and focus to different project complexity levels.

Removing barriers

Removing the common barriers to Sponsor effectiveness.


Providing alternative and effective Sponsor support arrangements.

We benchmark all things project and programme related

Organisation Performance
  • Measuring Overall Change Effectiveness
  • Portfolio Prioritisation Effectiveness
  • Organisation Wide Change Hot Spots
  • Business Agility Assessment
  • Change Function Effectiveness
Projects and Programmes
  • Organisational Governance
  • Projects that are the same type
  • Projects with similar levels of complexity
  • Approaches and Methods
  • Specific Hot Spots e.g. Benefits Clarity, Shaping Complex Programmes etc.
  • Overall Change Capability
  • Sponsor Effectiveness
  • Steering Group Effectiveness
  • Project Individuals' Development
  • Project Teams' Effectiveness
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